About NSR

National Supplier Registration (NSR) is a global association whose methodology, research, and benchmarking tools help thousands of organizations make dramatic and rapid improvements in their supply chain process. NSR provides a framework for companies who wish to maintain and track supplier business profiles. This resource offers companies a two key benefits:

  • The ability to quickly source and register potential business partners.
  • The ability to search internal operations within a company against a global directory of suppliers.

One of the most difficult steps in supply chain improvement is deciding which supplier to choose. To meet this challenge, NSR is continually upgrading our tools, providing customers with a variety of services including:

  • Internal supply chain consolidation, resulting in significant cost reductions.
  • Information sharing across business units, generating major cost savings, cycle-time, and quality improvements.
  • Creation of a common SCORE-card by which customers and NSR members can measure performance, leading to cross-organizational process improvements.

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